Comment from an “enemy”

This war tank is placed at Ajni Square, Nagpur, on my way from home to work.  I had taken this photograph a few months ago while going to office.  I had uploaded it on Flickr.

Sherman Mark 5 Tank at Ajni Square, Nagpur
The description of this image on Flickr reads:

“Mark Sherman 5 Tanks were first used in WW II by USA. This one was captured by India from Pakistan in 1965 War, kept as memorial of the war at Ajni Square, Nagpur.  India abandoned the use of these tanks after 1965 War.  Pakistan used them till 1971.”

Today, I got a comment on this photo by Mr. Syed Ali Hamid, who was an officer of Pakistan Army during the 1971 Indo-Pak war, and I felt honored.

Field Training 26 Cavalry by Syed Ali Hamid

This photo by Mr. Syed Ali Hamid shows a Pakistani Mark Sherman tank around 1971.

Today, India-Pakistan relations are at its best, and thanks to internet that people can interact one-to-one without any middlemen.  We live in two states, but we are one people, speaking one language, enjoying one cinema, loving one music, and enjoying one poetry!

Thank you sir for your magnanimity to appreciate me.  I am honored!


2 thoughts on “Comment from an “enemy”

  1. i appreciate your views about the relations between our two countries which have been riding a roller coaster since Partition. We have so much of shared history and culture. My father was from Lukhnow and my mother from Aligarh. I had an uncle who was in the Indian civil service and retired as Chief Secretary of UP. By the way I wrote an article on him which was published in a web site Bharat Rakshak. Check out the story on Mehmood Butt
    Warmest regards

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