The Festival of Holi

It’s the full moon day of Indian calendar month Falgun marking the first day of Holi, the festival of colors.  It starts this evening with burning of a Holi, a huge bonfire meant to burn the evils.  People worship the Holi.  Children play around it, shouting and making loud noises, sometimes obscene words.  It’s left burning all the night, and sometimes, in villages, burns for the whole next day or two until it exhausts on its own.

Holi on fire

Burning of Holi marks the start of the second day of the festival:  The festival of colors.  It’s a declared holiday tomorrow, and people go mad on Holi.  One is supposed to forget everything, even the self, and enjoy the colors.  And me, who cannot leave out his eternal mask of seriousness, put on another mask to save face.

It's me!                                               It’s me on this Holi!


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