Holi-day :-)

As I posted yesterday, it is a Holi-day.  As a part of essential services, we don’t have much holidays, so I was at work.  Still I managed a little break and got this:

A color shop on this Holi morning.

I was a bit hesitant to take his photo without his consent, so I took photo of just the colors, but he was more than ready and gave different poses himself.  He asked me if this photo will be published in a newspaper.  “Not in the newspaper, but on internet!” I said hesitantly.  He was not amused.

We had just a little Holi celebration at work, but after work these two colleagues were amazing.  It takes a great courage to go mad 🙂 (something I don’t have)!

Funny colleagues on Holi

And this is what they did to me: Check Before and After photos!

Before those demons got me! ...and after!
Before                                                      After

Oh!! I would rather not show the “After” photo!


One thought on “Holi-day :-)

  1. Perhaps you should try telling your subject that you write a blog or a column on internet and he/she might be then not so hesitant. Photo getting published on internet is kind of scary even to a laymen person who knows little about internet…

    and whats with the odd choti kind of thing on your friends? weird, huh!!!

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