Flickr or Picasa or something else?

Flickr lists only the latest 200 photos in your photostream for free accounts.  To access you older photos, you need to get a pro account; and USD 29 means around 1500 Rupees in India.

Picasa gives almost unlimited upload for Google Plus users, but Google is so obsessed with Google Plus that it has almost ruined the Picasaweb as an independent photo-sharing service.  Put a Picasaweb photo URL and Google redirects you to the album page (not the photo page) on Google Plus (not on Picasaweb).

P100312_20.46[1] Now, I watched this movie last night.  Upset with Flickr’s 200-photo policy, I uploaded it in my Picasa Web Albums, and whenever I try to share this photo on social network, it redirects the users to the Google Plus.

One way is to keep a track of all Flickr files, like blogging the files somewhere else, from where I can go back to original images after I cross the 200-limit, but it will be too complicated, and I don’t want to buy a pro.

Any ideas?


One thought on “Flickr or Picasa or something else?

  1. agrees…. that is actually really mean of Flickr. I was really obsessed with flickr.. one of my bests were there and it was so easy to embed those images on our blogs. I believe we can still see the image on a post even though its an old one and comes past the 200 beyond image rule. But if you click on it then, you reach to flickr page but there the image is not present…

    I think this is ok, as far as viewers dont click on the link to reach flickr.

    Have almost stopped using this photo sharing site bcoz of this 200 images at a time rule… 😦

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