The Night of Enlightenment

This is a mobile post; and the title has nothing to do with the content of the post. I was just thinking of a name for a new blog if I create it (something I’m not planning at all).

I wanted to write something this evening. It was about the dilemma of the Buddha that He experienced just after his enlightenment. Shall He spread the knowledge that he had just had, or just use it for his own self only? I didn’t find a pen. I hate writing on computer.

I’m planning to write more often; and violating almost all possible rules of writing while writing on this blog, so don’t comment about inconsistency in writing here; this blog is meant to write about inconsistent things. If you want to read something better, or more consistent, you should rather read the declaration of American independence, or Das Capital.

This is fun. I’m enjoying it. This is really good than writing nothing. If you want to call me stupid, you’re welcome, this is my night of enlightenment.


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