To-do list

1. Have shave and a haircut. Couldn’t find time on Sunday. They say I look more like Abraham Lincoln with an unshaved face.
2. Make a duplicate key. They lost their key last week. We’re now managing with a single key (kept at a secret place after locking the door).
3. Our maath (earthern vessel to store water) got a hole this morning. I’ve to bring one at earliest possible. Can’t pass a single hot summer day without it.
4. I smashed and broke the chair the day before, so I have nothing to sit on before computer for now. Need to bring a chair. The problem with #3 and #4 is to find someone to company me to bring it. Cant hold and bring the maath, chair, etc. while I’m riding the bike. The option is get a rikshaw, but it would be too tedious.
5. Office is starting new work this week. They’re yet to clear with the rate issues. Need to get that cleared.
6. LPG cylinder not yet received; may take a few more days.
7. Have an exam on Sunday. Yet to touch the books.
8. Etc.


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