This evening…

Around 7 p.m. The evening is lingering out lazily. I just had a good nap; it’s been after a long while I could have a nap. What was the last time I came home around 4 p.m.? I don’t remember.

I’m having some stomach pain since last evening; perhaps post effect of travel last week. I’ve two exams, tomorrow and on Sunday, so no office over the weekend. I’ve taken meds for the stomach, so it should go away overnight.

This afternoon, when I was in pain, I felt like I needed you (very rarely I feel such).

I’m feeling hungry; didn’t have lunch for this pain. What should I have now? I’ve a mango, will have it!

What else? This emptiness is feeling so silent, serene, withour any hustle-bustle; so complete like you are just here somewhere around me, and I’m not even missing you!


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