Change is in the air

Completed four years with my current employer. It was back when summer Olympics were going on and everyone was talking about Michael Phelps that I had joined this organization as a trainee. I was still a trainee when Barack Obama take an oath (and twice, once in public and then again for a few fumbled words) as the President of USA, and “change” was in the air. Twenty people had joined with me, one survived!

It had been a wonderful time, with a lot many ups and only a few downs, the third year being the most productive, in terms of both earning and job satisfaction.

It’s 2012 Olympics now. Michael Phelps is already struggling hard to keep his titles. Barack Obama is again in the field to sustain his “change.” Change is still in the air, a huge change. I’m looking forward for it, to embark on a new journey, a new job!


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