Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday. No office work today.  But it will again be hot today and I won’t be able to go out in the day.

It’s 6 a.m. now.  Temperature is still in the 30s, i.e. 33; about 11 degree lesser than what it would be in just a few hours.  I think I should go out and have some tea and donuts now; I’m awake since 4 and I am hungry!

Yeah, on a good note, It seems like I have fixed the problem with WLW, so I will be more frequent on the Blog of Reflections.

P.S. It’s my fantasy that you like this blog more than that blog of mine 🙂


Sunday morning call from Baba

Baba called this morning to ask whether I’m coming home for Master’s wedding. I’d told him previously that I would come, but now I’ve exam on 29th, and again the new work is starting; I said I can’t come.

My sister #3 has got some uterine mass he said. She had a sonography at Nandura; the doctor was saying it would be well with medicine. I think it might be a fibroid; I hope it is so. Baba can’t read English, so he can’t tell me what the report says. I asked him to call me as he finds someone to read it. Even an incomplete abortion is a probability; can’t say anything for now. Let’s see!

Note: The posts here can be so personal; this IS a personal blog. I don’t expect you to read it, and certainly not to comment.