When did they start celebrating Gandhi Jayanti on October 8th?


Shoot at a bar in Reshimbag, Nagpur, on October 7th, 2012.  It notes the bar will remain closed on October 8, 2012 for Gandhi Jayanti.


A surreal tree and the crescent moon

A Surreal Tree and the Crescent Moon

A Surreal Tree and the Crescent Moon

I was blaming myself for not taking my bike as I was going to make the duplicate key, but as I was coming back, I felt good that I was on a walk rather than being on bike.  The crescent moon and the star (at 1 o’clock position from the moon) were looking wonderful.  It’s Akshay Tritiya, so third day after a no-moon day.  As I was passing in front of Mohata Science College, I saw the this dry tree and the crescent through it.  Can you spot the star?

P.S. I have taken a photo of this tree previously in daylight.  You can see it here on Panoramio.