When did they start celebrating Gandhi Jayanti on October 8th?


Shoot at a bar in Reshimbag, Nagpur, on October 7th, 2012.  It notes the bar will remain closed on October 8, 2012 for Gandhi Jayanti.


A surreal tree and the crescent moon

A Surreal Tree and the Crescent Moon

A Surreal Tree and the Crescent Moon

I was blaming myself for not taking my bike as I was going to make the duplicate key, but as I was coming back, I felt good that I was on a walk rather than being on bike.  The crescent moon and the star (at 1 o’clock position from the moon) were looking wonderful.  It’s Akshay Tritiya, so third day after a no-moon day.  As I was passing in front of Mohata Science College, I saw the this dry tree and the crescent through it.  Can you spot the star?

P.S. I have taken a photo of this tree previously in daylight.  You can see it here on Panoramio.

The most phallus-ish Shiva Lingam I have seen

Shiva Lingam, literally means phallus of Shiva (though it does not connotes this meaning for millions of the common devotees), is considered as an icon of Lord Shiva.  Most Hindus worship it.  The idols we have in our households are little ones; their size does not give a slightest hint of it being something obscene.  On Haritalika, Hindu women’s festival when they observe fast and worship Shiva for the long life and wellbeing of their husband, my mother, and other women, used to bring fine wet sand from the river and make a Shiva Lingam from it.  In fact, I first noticed this phallusy meaning only when I grew up and read about it in scholarly books.

Shiva Lingam made of ice.

This one was an exception.  This I saw yesterday, made of ice, during Ram Navami observations, and I must say the most phallus-ish Shiv Lingam I have ever seen!

The curious ones have an article on Wikipedia.

Flickr or Picasa or something else?

Flickr lists only the latest 200 photos in your photostream for free accounts.  To access you older photos, you need to get a pro account; and USD 29 means around 1500 Rupees in India.

Picasa gives almost unlimited upload for Google Plus users, but Google is so obsessed with Google Plus that it has almost ruined the Picasaweb as an independent photo-sharing service.  Put a Picasaweb photo URL and Google redirects you to the album page (not the photo page) on Google Plus (not on Picasaweb).

P100312_20.46[1] Now, I watched this movie last night.  Upset with Flickr’s 200-photo policy, I uploaded it in my Picasa Web Albums, and whenever I try to share this photo on social network, it redirects the users to the Google Plus.

One way is to keep a track of all Flickr files, like blogging the files somewhere else, from where I can go back to original images after I cross the 200-limit, but it will be too complicated, and I don’t want to buy a pro.

Any ideas?

Holi-day :-)

As I posted yesterday, it is a Holi-day.  As a part of essential services, we don’t have much holidays, so I was at work.  Still I managed a little break and got this:

A color shop on this Holi morning.

I was a bit hesitant to take his photo without his consent, so I took photo of just the colors, but he was more than ready and gave different poses himself.  He asked me if this photo will be published in a newspaper.  “Not in the newspaper, but on internet!” I said hesitantly.  He was not amused. Continue reading