Thus the Buddha spake…

Extracted from The Gospel of Buddha by Paul Carus And the venerable Upāli, having approached the Blessed One, asked concerning the re-establishment of peace in the Sangha: “Would it be right, O Lord,” said he, “that the Sangha, to avoid further disputations, should declare the restoration of concord without inquiring into the matter of the quarrel?” And the Blessed One said: “If the Sangha declares the re-establishment of concord without having inquired into the matter, the declaration is neither right nor lawful. “There are two ways of re-establishing concord; one is in the letter, and the other one is in the spirit and in the letter. “If the Sangha declares the re-establishment of concord without having inquired into the matter, the peace is concluded in the letter only. But if the Sangha, having inquired into the matter and having gone to the bottom of it, decides to declare the re-establishment of concord, the peace is concluded in the spirit and also in the letter. “The concord re-established in the spirit and in the letter is alone right and lawful.”


A strange element

A bit more of affection,
A little less of friendship,
Perhaps a will to know the unknown.
Far away from love,
Somewhere near the care, at best!

A strange element,
as it had always been,
as it was never before!

We had some test at 12 noon. We were told to be there at least 15 minutes before. I started from home at 11:30, but took two breaks in between. I saw some flowers blooming in hot summer. One was a beautiful purple flower tree that I don’t know the name of, and the other was the same Gulmohar I wrote about a couple of days ago. I’m blogging from mobile, can’t add photos to the post. The were beautiful though.

And now in the office. It’s past 12, and they are yet to start the test. 🙂

The Night of Enlightenment

This is a mobile post; and the title has nothing to do with the content of the post. I was just thinking of a name for a new blog if I create it (something I’m not planning at all).

I wanted to write something this evening. It was about the dilemma of the Buddha that He experienced just after his enlightenment. Shall He spread the knowledge that he had just had, or just use it for his own self only? I didn’t find a pen. I hate writing on computer.

I’m planning to write more often; and violating almost all possible rules of writing while writing on this blog, so don’t comment about inconsistency in writing here; this blog is meant to write about inconsistent things. If you want to read something better, or more consistent, you should rather read the declaration of American independence, or Das Capital.

This is fun. I’m enjoying it. This is really good than writing nothing. If you want to call me stupid, you’re welcome, this is my night of enlightenment.

Of a camel and the history of early Christianity

The other day! You asked me for a baby camel.  From where can I bring one for you?  I said I will, and the pretended like I forgot!

The other day, some other time!  You had forgotten about the camel and were telling me of the movie you watched that morning.

“Wait, wait!” I said, and presented you this:


Like I had brought moon and stars for you, your eyes smiled in a wide cheese, and then you told me of the early history of Christianity!

Of the brighter side…

There is nothing special with January 17, 2012 to start a new blog; but it was not such with April 9, 2011 too when I had started the Blog of Reflections.  The Blog of Reflections was started as a safe outlet for all the things that crowd within me and press hard to blow their way out.  It was intended to be a personal blog where I can post whatever I want to, may be a single photograph, or just a status-like sentence.  But again, as it had happened with Ghalibana, the Blog of Reflections turned out to be more serious than what I had thought it would be.

So again, here I am with a new blog that I hope will not be as serious as the previous ones, where I can smile, laugh, cry, or do whatever I want to, as long as it pleases me.

And as always:

The moon never shows his 100%, not even on a full moon night.  The darker side of the moon may not be as dark, but it is his own, and he prefers it concealed from the world.

And here I am, to talk of the ups and downs, of the growth and decay, of the full moon and no moon, and whatever—of the brighter side!