Thus the Buddha spake…

Extracted from The Gospel of Buddha by Paul Carus And the venerable Upāli, having approached the Blessed One, asked concerning the re-establishment of peace in the Sangha: “Would it be right, O Lord,” said he, “that the Sangha, to avoid further disputations, should declare the restoration of concord without inquiring into the matter of the quarrel?” And the Blessed One said: “If the Sangha declares the re-establishment of concord without having inquired into the matter, the declaration is neither right nor lawful. “There are two ways of re-establishing concord; one is in the letter, and the other one is in the spirit and in the letter. “If the Sangha declares the re-establishment of concord without having inquired into the matter, the peace is concluded in the letter only. But if the Sangha, having inquired into the matter and having gone to the bottom of it, decides to declare the re-establishment of concord, the peace is concluded in the spirit and also in the letter. “The concord re-established in the spirit and in the letter is alone right and lawful.”


This evening…

Around 7 p.m. The evening is lingering out lazily. I just had a good nap; it’s been after a long while I could have a nap. What was the last time I came home around 4 p.m.? I don’t remember.

I’m having some stomach pain since last evening; perhaps post effect of travel last week. I’ve two exams, tomorrow and on Sunday, so no office over the weekend. I’ve taken meds for the stomach, so it should go away overnight.

This afternoon, when I was in pain, I felt like I needed you (very rarely I feel such).

I’m feeling hungry; didn’t have lunch for this pain. What should I have now? I’ve a mango, will have it!

What else? This emptiness is feeling so silent, serene, withour any hustle-bustle; so complete like you are just here somewhere around me, and I’m not even missing you!

A stupid dream, kind of nightmare-ish!

“You shall not fall in love with me”, the boy said.
The girl stares with a question.
“I’ve a girlfriend.”
“Then why did you made me fall in love with you?”
“I never did that. I just wanted to make you feel better, to make you realize that you are such an adorable girl.”

Next day, still in dream, the girl was sporting two schoolgirl-type red ribbons on her hair, looking more happy, showing off her apparently fake happiness.

It was such a stupid dream.

Ek sazaa hai seene mein

What an excellent writer Sayeed Quadri is! Just downloaded the Awarapan Banjarapan song (part II), M. M. Kreem’s rendition. I’m in the offfice, so can’t listen it complete, but the first shair goes:

Dil jis cheez ko haan kehta hai zehen usi ko kehta hai na,
Ishq mein uff ye khud hi se ladhna ek sazaa hai seene mein..

Sayeed Quadri has already written so many beautiful couplets for this song; I heard this new one today. And MM Kreem’s voice rendition sounds pleasantly different to our used-to-KK’s-voice ears! Go and get it 🙂

Why “love me”?

Why should one need to ask for love? In a romantic relationship, when you need to ask for love, there must be something wrong; not exactly wrong with you, but there might be a weak link somewhere in chain. He, his problems, she, her problems, they, their own collective problems, something starts wearing off somewhere. It is the time when you feel left alone.

Seems like I’m giving more importance to the problems. May be; but those are pretty much complex, certainly unexplicable in words! I can certainly not answer you question “what happened?” at the end of the day.

There is always a graceful way to ask. Take initiative, and do take care that your partner is ready for it.

Of a camel and the history of early Christianity

The other day! You asked me for a baby camel.  From where can I bring one for you?  I said I will, and the pretended like I forgot!

The other day, some other time!  You had forgotten about the camel and were telling me of the movie you watched that morning.

“Wait, wait!” I said, and presented you this:


Like I had brought moon and stars for you, your eyes smiled in a wide cheese, and then you told me of the early history of Christianity!